Understand that drain field remediation gainesville involves diagnosing a septic tank issue. A septic drain field is the priciest part of a tank’s drainage system. This is the part of the septic tank that plays a huge role in determining just how long a building’s septic system will last. When diagnosing a problem with a septic tank, knowing the most common causes of failure is essential. Knowing the most common causes of failure can also help homeowners avoid septic system failure in the first place.

People who don’t get septic tank pumping Atlanta are just asking for septic system problems. Allowing gunk to build up in a tank will eventually cause that tank to fail. Although it may take many years for a tank to fail, it will eventually happen. The length of time it takes for a tank to fail is usually why people don’t have their tanks pumped. Since septic tank problems take so long to manifest, people often forget about their septic system. Instead of forgetting about their septic systems, people should have septic tank pumping in Snellville GA done at least once every three years.


When a person notices sewage backup lawrenceville, it’s usually a sign that there is a septic issue on the property. The first signs of a sewage backup might not be so obvious. A person might just notice a faint smell of raw sewage. Over time, the smell will grow stronger. Eventually, the sewage may work its way all the way up through the drain. This is when the sewage can expose people to dangerous germs that can cause serious illnesses.

Some people who notice sewage backups make matters worse by trying to treat the problem themselves. Trying to plunge a drain will only lead to a temporary fix. That’s if it fixes anything at all. Drain cleaners can only make things worse too. The best thing a person can do when they notice a drainage issue is to contact a contractor who can come service the septic system. This might involve using a camera to see what is going on inside of the pipes. Cameras can cut down on the time it takes to diagnose a septic problem.

In order to avoid messing up septic systems, people need to watch what they flush down the toilet. Things like sanitary napkins, condoms, dental floss, diapers, and even cigarette butts should never be flushed down a toilet. These items will accumulate in the system and cause problems.

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